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Amul Butter 100g
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Brand: Amul
This is a Vegetarian product. Amul Butter - Pasteurised..
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Brand: Amul
Spread on Bread, Parantha, Roti, Nans, SandwichesTopping : Pav Bhaji, Dals, Soups, Salads, RiceCooking Medium : Butter Paneer Masala, Butter Corn Masala and thousands of delightful recipesPure vegetarian..
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Amul Fresh Cream 250ml
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Brand: Amul
Amul Fresh Cream has been processed to give smooth, consistency and makes mouth watering preparationsAmul fresh cream sterilized at high temperature and packed aseptically to give safe, rich cream which stays fresh until openedMade of fresh & pure milk creamNo preservative added..
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Brand: Amul
Pasteurised in state-of-the-art processing plants,Amul Gold Milk (Tetra Pak) is very rich and creamy in texture. It is ideal for preparing tea, coffee, sweets, khoya, curd, buttermilk, ghee etc...
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Brand: Amul
Amul Taaza Toned (Tetrapak) Milk is pasteurized with great nutritional value. It can be consumed directly or can be used for preparing tea, coffee, sweets, khoya, curd, buttermilk, ghee etc...
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Brand: Nestle
Nestle everyday is a tea enhancer that mixes in completely with your tea to lift its tasteGet a thicker & tastier cup of tea every time with everyday dairy whitenerRanked No. 1 by consumers in blind taste tests..
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