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Besan & Sooji/Rava

Besan & Sooji/Rava
Mayur Besan 1kg
Hot -42 %
Brand: Mayur
Mayur Besan 1kg..
Rs70.00 Rs120.00
Ex Tax:Rs70.00
Mayur Suji 500g
Hot -33 %
Brand: Mayur
Mayur Suji 500g..
Rs20.00 Rs30.00
Ex Tax:Rs20.00
Brand: Patanjali
This is a Vegetarian product. Patanjali 100% Natural & Superior Quality Sooji Made from finest Wheat Rich in Fibre..
Rs55.00 Rs56.00
Ex Tax:Rs55.00
Shiv Suji Vacuum Pack 500g
Hot -17 %
Brand: Shiv
Shiv Sooji vacuum pack 500g..
Rs25.00 Rs30.00
Ex Tax:Rs25.00
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